Snickers makes you forget the world

Snickers focuses on being not just a chocolate bar, but it changes your mood and makes you relax even if everything is going wrong around you.

In this commercial the guy actually doesn’t care that the phone is in his stomach, because he had Snickers and it separates him from the real events going on.

Native Advertising with BuzzFeed & Twix

9 Spooky And Cute Party DIYs For Moms Who Really Love Halloween

This was an “article” that I came across on FaceBook. It is filled with tips and tricks for moms to throw a fun Halloween party. However, the article is sponsored by Twix. The article is introduced with, “Same holiday, different year. Make this Halloween your family’s best ever with TWIX®.” Native Advertising has proven to an effective way to market a product to consumers, even when that product is chocolate. Halloween is one of the biggest candy holidays of the year so it’s a no-brainer that Twix is posting this article now.

FX Eats Sponsored By Chocolate

The FX channel, part of 21st Century Fox, has original programming and non-original programming. They also air movies. During the commercial break for these movies, two hosts from FX will take viewers behind the scenes for the movie that’s currently airing or they will discuss the film and some fun facts about it.

Now, FX has FX Eats which is an FX only advertisement that pops up during the commercial breaks for the movies. All of these advertisements are sponsored by some company, with the intention of their product getting nice and relevant air time.

In the M&M’s ad, host Adam Gertler says that “movies are infinitely better” when M&M’s are around. He then proceeds to eat a ton of them. Then he says “movies and M&M’s, irresistible, always fun” with those words appearing on the screen.

This ad is clever because M&M’s is a good movie snack, even if you’re watching the movie at home. The alliteration of “movies and M&M’s” is easy to remember and now associates one with the other. Thinking of one will trigger you to think of the other.

The next ad, sponsored by Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch, delves into this new and exciting Hershey’s product. Host Adam Gertler gives a detailed description of the decadent delight and its sister products.

He says that this new product is “chocolate perfection” and “classic reimagined” with those same words appearing on screen but with a hashtag in front of them, engaging viewers to type those words onto their social media accounts.

This ad basically says that if you love the original Hershey’s then you’ll love the new twist on the original.

Again, chocolate makes for an excellent snack at the theaters and in the family rooms. Therefore, Hershey placing this ad on FX Eats was a smart and strategic move on their part.

Product Placement

Snickers - Sully (2016) Movie Product Placement

Snickers - Sully (2016) Movie Product Placement

Snickers - Sully (2016) Movie Product Placement

This is scene from the 2016 film Sully: Miracle on the Hudson in which actor Aaron Eckhart is eating a Snickers bar. This is an example of product placement in which a brand is incorporated into a work with the purpose of promoting it. The purpose is to make you think about the brand while viewing and remind you of its presence. There can be many factors when choosing where to place a product but here the general idea is that a film starring Tom Hanks will bring a lot of people in to see it.

Brookside – For All Your Sides

This Brookside commercial plays with its name by showing that Brookside is “for all your sides” meaning it can be enjoyed at any time, any place, any occasion, and for any feeling and personality type.

This ad, specifically, targets adult women as evidenced by the ad featuring an adult woman. Otherwise, Brookside seems to be a chocolate for adults and for older age groups as it is both dark chocolate with a fruit filling.

Hershey’s Celebrates Family


This Hershey advertisement shows how the product can serve as a bonding experience between family members, targeting children and their parents at varying ages. It has comedic value and also evokes a heartwarming feeling in viewers that makes them more inclined to purchase the product.

3 Musketeers: First Impression


This 3 Musketeers advertisement is targeted towards teenagers and students age 13-18 as the commercial follows high school students sharing the chocolate bar. The new packaging has compliments on it and when one student gives it to another, she returns the wrapper to him which opened them up to conversation as the chocolate acted as a first impression implying that 3 Musketeers bars can be used to bring people together.

Outdoor advertising: Snickers


Snickers ran an advertisement campaign finding fails all over New York City marking them with their slogan, “You make mistakes when you’re hungry. Eat a Snickers.” These ads were targeted towards anyone walking by who might see either the ad or the fail. This campaign effectively associates the Snickers product with funny fails people may have noticed anyway, but now if someone were to mention this to another person it would have the Snickers brand attached to the story and provide the person with a way to avoid making similar mistakes.

DOVE Chocolate – Each and Every Day

This Dove’s ad follows a free-spirited girl as she ages to an elderly woman. Throughout the ad, the woman is engaged in different activities but eating a square of Dove’s chocolate remains constant.

This commercial implies that Dove’s chocolate is a treat for all ages that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. It seems that it is only targeting women, as women are the only ones seen enjoying the chocolate.

Affective humor? Twix: It’s Time to DeSide

This comedic Twix advertisement focuses on a playful feud between customers who prefer one side of a Twix over the other, targeting adults in a variety of ages from young to old. People who have purchased a Twix before have had this conversation with friends but now, after being acknowledged in the commercial, communication between consumers becomes even deeper almost creating an inside joke between the consumers and the company.

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